• From Ghanshyam churiwala on Spiced Tulsi Black

    Good one

  • From Chandni Singh on Bombay Cutting Chai

    Wonderfully flavoured! Since I’ve started having Bombay Cutting, not liking ordinary tea leaves!

    • From Vivek Singhal on Bombay Cutting Chai

      We are so glad! 😀

      We hope your next Classic Masala will one up this!

  • From Muthukumar R on Lemon Mint Green

    I really like Green tea due to all the health benefits.The lemon mint green is a perfect blend that is a lot more easier to drink and leaves you feeling a lot more refreshed that regular Green tea. If you trying green tea for the first time i highly recommend you go with this one.Regular drinkers will also warm up to this instantly.

  • From Surya on Tulsi Green

    I wondered if this really could hold up to the moods that you claim. Am still undecided on that front and may have to try a couple of different flavours, but got to say the tea was absolutely spot on!

  • From Suraksha on Lemongrass Green

    Soothing and relaxing. The tea is very mild and has amazing aroma from lemongrass. Add to that the fresh green tea and you have the best therapy ever!

  • From Rachit on Darjeeling Black Autumn Flush

    My order was shipped within 4 days of ordering. The packaging was super airtight and as soon as I cut it open, I was greeted by the amazing smell of fresh tea. Nothing bought at a supermarket can match buying straight from the source! :)

  • From Sneha on Mint Green

    This Mint Green is the perfect tea for a late afternoon cuppa – it’s minty refreshing taste really picks me up and energizes me for the day ahead!

  • From Devendra on Spiced Tulsi Black

    This tea is as intriguing as its name :) Tulsi and ginger gave it a nice, spicy touch and that it was soothing to my throat is an added advantage. Definitely recommend this!

  • From Kuldip on Tulsi Green

    I tried this tea after having tasted variants available in the supermarket in general. Best part is that the leaves unfurl and you can see whole leaves of Tea after steeping as compared to the dust that you generally see in dip bags.

  • From Kuldip on Lemongrass Green

    I had never tasted Lemongrass flavour tea earlier. But this tea just made my day. Perfectly balanced.

  • From Joy B on Tulsi Green

    If anybody wants tea which has immense health benefits along with flavors which are intricately balanced on should try this for sure…

  • From Joy B on Lemongrass Green

    The offering blends the flavors well and ensures a quality drinking experience apart from the health benefits..

  • From Pinaki Majumder on Darjeeling Black Autumn Flush

    Had heard a lot of Darjeeling first flush Teas. Decided to give the autumn flush from ChaiSafari a go. And it worked wonders. First flush is mild and soothing but autumn was an instant hit with me cause it peppy and has a rush to it. Enjoyed the earthy flavors out and out.

  • From Pinaki Majumder on Mint Green

    Had ordered Mint Green after choosing it from the Fresh Moods category. And I am glad I did so. The tea totally stands for the freshness and peps my senses with its aroma and taste. Not to mention the minty aftertaste gives a long lasting delight.

  • From amit on Rose Green

    that new for india rose tea

  • From Saurabh Vijay on Bombay Cutting Chai

    Ordered Bombay Cutting Chai sample recently and must admit the flavor, aroma, quality of the tea is amazing… Unlike the powder/dust that is usually received in a tea pack, we can find tiny pieces of leaves unfolding in the boiling water. Apart from the quality, the blend gives a perfect cup of masala tea with right mix of “kadak chai” & “adrak-elaichi”.

  • From Subhashree on Make Your Masala Chai

    Good idea.

  • From Sushmitha Rayapuraj on Ginger Green

    Wonderful taste and aroma.