Orders and Cancellation

• How do I know that my order has been confirmed?

Once you have successfully made payment for an order, You will get an order confirmation email with all order and shipping details.

• I did not receive my order confirmation email.

It is possible the mail has gone to your Spam Folder. If you have still not received the email, please write to us at help@chaisafari.com with your complete order and contact details.

• How long will it take to receive my order?

We dispatch your order within 24 hrs. Usually it takes 3-5 days for it to get Delivered to you in India and 7-10 days outside of India. You can also track your order status on your order history page here.

You can write to us at help@chaisafari.com if your Tea is not delivered in the given time period.

• Can I modify/change my order after payment?

Yes, you can change your order if the order has not been dispatched at our end. You can change your order by writing to us at help@chaisafari.com

• Can I return the order in case I am not satisfied with it?

Yes. In case our Tea is not up to your expectation, we have an easy return policy for you. You can simply ship back the Tea to us. We can reship your Tea to you, or any other variant that you would want to try or your money shall be refunded within 10-14 working days after receipt of the Tea.
It must be noted that any return after 10gm or more has been consumed shall not be accepted. The customer shall have to bear the cost of shipping for returns.


My Account

• Do I need an account to buy tea?

No. You can make a purchase as a guest user as well. However, creating an account helps in faster checkouts, ability to save multiple addresses, track your orders and view past purchases and to receive updates of our products and offers.

• How do I update details on my account?

You can sign in to your account and click on Edit details in the Account Information section.

• I can’t remember my password. What should I do?

Please go to My Account section and click on Forgot Password. You will receive an email from us which shall guide to through the process of the password change.

• Can someone assist me in my purchases and queries?

Yes, we would be happy to help. Please refer to our Contact Us page. You can leave a message, call us or send an email and we will get in touch with you.

Product Related

• How are the teas packed?

Teas are vacuum packed in smaller SKUs and will dispatched in multiples of smaller SKUs for bigger orders. We do this to ensure the Tea remains fresh and does not encounter moisture at any given point of time. Also the customer can open and use the SKUs one by one thereby refraining to maintain large stock in the open.

• Where do you procure Tea from? Is it fresh?

We are based on the foothills of Darjeeling – The best Tea producing area in the country. We procure Teas direct from the gardens. With our long cordial relations with the Tea gardens we manage to get the product direct from the source and helps us keeping the Tea fresh and avoid manhandling.

• Are you using any artificial flavours in the Fusion Teas?

No. We do not use any kind of artificial flavouring in the Tea and advise our customers to avoid any such products. We blend our Teas with freeze dried version of herbs, fruits, flowers etc which give a natural taste and flavour to the Teas. These Freeze dried products are certified and contain no artificial flavouring or chemicals.

• What does the different types of Flush mean?

The bud and two leaves at the picking point of the tea bush is referred to as flush. Origination of these tips over the year takes different characters. For example, a flush in spring would render a completely different character than a flush from autumn. Tea is hence associated by the time of the year it was picked in.

• How do I decide which Tea I should buy?

Tea is a varied subject and one needs to pick his/her Tea in accordance with the taste and preferences he/she has. You can choose you Tea by categories or the character notes of the Tea.
ChaiSafari helps you choose your tea by attributes or by the Mood that you are in. This process makes thee journey of choose your Tea simplified and you can enjoy your cup without any hassles.
You can read our blog on How to choose your tea for more details.


Moods Related :

• Why should I select tea using Moods?

Tea is a vast subject and choosing ones Tea can be extremely overwhelming. We try to bring some simplicity to your process of choosing the Tea. We have categories each tea according the mood it represents or aids: high caffeine Tea for an energetic mood versus an aromatic smooth Tea for Relaxation. Choosing the Tea according to your moods shall help you to strike the perfect balance between what you want and what you get.

• How will the tea help me w.r.t my mood?

Our Teas are categorised by our Tea Tasting Experts by different notes and characters it has. Based on the psychological theory, we then categorise tastes, aroma, and strength into moods and thus create groups for the Teas. The Teas help you dive into the moods they represent and help you remain in your zone. Although we tried our best to generalise the Tea character and moods, these categorisations are subjective in nature and the experience may vary from person to person.

• What do different attributes mean

o Colour – Colour refers to the liquor colour that appears after you steep the leaves. Different variants let out different colour notes to the liquor, depending on the oxidation process that they have gone through during manufacturing.
o Aroma – Aroma is the smell you get from your cup of tea. Like any other food and beverage, the aroma of tea precedes the taste and you subconsciously develop a like/dislike towards it.
o Briskness – Briskness is how it feels on the tip of your tongue. Certain Teas cut through and hit your tongue with their sharp note, where as some soothe your tongue as if your tongue is being wrapped around a sweet silk clothe and rubbed gently.
o Taste – The feel of the Tea on your taste palates. Taste of tea ranges from sweet to savory, based on the nature of production, the process to manufacture and also the fusion if any.
o Caffeine – Caffeine is a metabolic stimulant and is used to reduce physical fatigue, and to prevent or reduce drowsiness. Most people consume beverages such as carbonated soft drinks, coffee, tea, energy drinks for the caffeine content.
o Antioxidants – Anti-oxidantshave been investigated for the prevention of diseases such as cancer or coronary heart disease.Tea assists in healthy lifestyle with more Teas giving you a large dose of Anti-oxidants.

• How can I make a selection using attributes

Link to the blog “how to choose your tea