We are, more than anything else, lovers of exquisite tea. We love everything about tea – its rich heritage, many complexities and sheer variety. We imagine Chai Safari as a delicious journey to experience all of this and more.
And it’s a journey we would love to share with you!

What do we do?

We simplify the journey of tea for you.
A cup of tea, gently brewed to perfection, is a thing of romance. It is also something that involves a great amount of effort – trust us, we know. With a huge variety of teas to choose from, all unique in their own right, it is overwhelming to choose the right tea for yourself. Each variety of tea, like different genres of music, appeals to a different mood, taste and occasion.

Tea is as complex as it is varied. That certainly does not mean that you need to be an expert to enjoy a cup of exquisite tea. All you do is come to us! We help you find you navigate through the plethora of teas available and enable you to choose your perfect tea.

How do we do it?

We have built our prowess in the special art of tea tasting and blending through a long, rewarding and personal relationship with tea. Every tea offered on Chai Safari is personalized with a certain character, which defines the moods and notes attached to it. We categorize our teas not according to the estates or geographies theycome from, but according to which moods and occasions they lend themselves best to – a soothing Fusion Green for those stressful days or a robust Darjeeling to begin your day with.
What we bring to tea is a way for you to experience the most amazing brews without overwhelming you with the jargon and complexity associated with tea. We make tea simple and enjoyable!

The Promise of Freshness

Every tea sold on Chai Safari is hand-picked by our experts to ensure that we deliver the perfect cup of tea to you, every single time. Once the leaves are picked & processed at the estate, we procure and them for maximum freshness. No middle-men or large distribution networks, so all of this is done in about 1/5th the time that the tea would otherwise takes to get to your supermarket! Your tea is the freshest it can be, procured straight from the source and shipped to your door step.